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Bluetti EP900+2*B500+Sub Panel | 7600W, 9920Wh Grid-tie Home Power
Bluetti EP900+2*B500+Sub Panel | 7600W, 9920Wh Grid-tie Home Power

Bluetti EP900+2*B500+Sub Panel | 7600W, 9920Wh Grid-tie Home Power



  • Whopping ability - for up to 9,000W, 120V/240V devices
  • Expandable capacity - 9,920Wh~19,840Wh
  • Industry-leading warranty - 10-year coverage
  • Unparalleled safety - LiFePO₄ battery
  • Perfect compatibility - works with existing/new solar system
  • IP65 Water-resistant - in/outdoor installation
  • Efficient & effective - sell electricity back to the grid



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Experience True Energy Independence

Harness and store solar power for on-demand use. Whether you want to avoid high energy bills during peak hours, protect yourself against potential energy price hikes, or prepare for a power outage when utility power is unavailable, you can rely on the EP900&B500 Energy Storage System to keep your essential appliances running smoothly. Moreover, you can sell any excess energy back to the grid, making your energy consumption more efficient and cost-effective.


Design A System That's Right For You

With an impressive 10-20kWh capacity, up to 9,000W of power, and the capability to run both 120V and 240V devices, the EP900 can accommodate your daily needs effortlessly.


Superpower For Heavy-duty Work

The EP900 has a 9kW inverter that provides either 120V or 240V output options, making it suitable for high-wattage appliances - like power tools in small business and residential scenarios. Combine two EP900 units in parallel to reach as much as 18kW output, enough to power the whole house without any fuss.


100% Modular Design, More Possibilities

Modularity is how flexible it is to customize your battery to meet changes in your home's energy requirements. EP900 allows you to incrementally increase your battery capacity of up to 19.8kWh (39.6kWh for two EP900s) as your home's energy needs grow over time.

Spare You A World of Hassle

The EP900 system adopts the most pioneering technology and the safest LiFePO4 battery for optimal performance. It also provides an unprecedented 10-year warranty and certified installation services (optional), giving you the most convenient, worry-free, and reliable home backup power in all directions.


Never Run Out of Power

Suitable for various occasions