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Electric Lint Remover

Electric Lint Remover

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Are you tired of pet hair, lint, and persistent lint clinging to your furniture, clothing, and house? Your old materials may be revitalised and the issue resolved quickly with our electric lint remover!

  • Eliminate Fuzz, Pet Hair, Lint, or Fluff Balls Immediately!
  • Resurrect Old Fabric; Safe To Touch And Safe For All Fabrics!
  • Works With Rugs, Furniture, Clothes, and More!

The innovative Fabric Shaver rapidly removes and gathers extra fuzz from your garment by spinning its inner blade. The cloth Shaver features a protection that keeps your hands and the cloth safe to touch.



Easy to use: just turn it on, run it over the selected fabric, and remove any extra fluff balls with a single swipe. It draws them into the detachable storage container, making cleaning it a breeze.

Note: After the fuzz container is 70% full, kindly clean it. Remember to clean the area around the sharp blade.



Bid farewell to infuriating accumulation and fur on t-shirts, socks, and other items that you were prepared to discard. With the Fabric Shaver, worn-out clothing can be made to appear brand new.

Universal fast charging USB portable device that is quick and easy to use



Our multipurpose lint remover eliminates lint from a variety of objects, including clothes, furniture, drapes, blankets, and carpets, with ease and effectiveness. It's a really useful tool for travel and daily usage because it's so little and lightweight!



Our electric lint remover easily removes and collects extra lint from your clothing thanks to its revolving inner blade. It features a protective bar to prevent injury to your hands or the dust while in use, as well as a touch-proof dust wiper.



USB recharging compatible: Conveniently rechargeable by USB, the wireless lint remover may be taken with you wherever you go after it has been charged. If you only connect the cord into a wall socket, you can use it while it charges. Furthermore, the lint remover may run on electricity from a laptop or power bank!

Safety: Your tissue is shielded from harm by the improved, detachable bionic blade mesh. Keeping a safe distance from the blade head to avoid possible harm to your clothing, the slightly curved stainless steel blade mesh easily fits over clothing, cutting it to size and squeezing it without distorting it.

Extended service life: Our lint remover produces dependable and durable results with enhanced performance, sturdy build quality, and a longer battery life of up to 9 hours on a single charge. You can use it at home or on the go to efficiently remove lint from all of your family members' clothing.



Simple to use: All you have to do to use our lint remover is turn it on and slide it over the desired fabric. You will notice that all of the extra lint balls vanish as you pull on the gadget, which removes them efficiently. The lint remover is simple to clean and maintain since it then suctions the lint into a detachable storage chamber.



Wide Range of Use: Our lint remover's small size and lightweight construction make it simple to carry with you wherever you go, making it the perfect choice for getting rid of lint from clothing. It works well for a variety of textiles, including clothing, sweaters, pillows, blankets, socks, and wool coats. It is also appropriate for usage with families travelling and decorating the home.







  1. When the electric hair remover's battery runs out, use the USB cord that comes with it to recharge it.
  2. Once the uninstaller is turned on, press the power button.
  3. The remover absorbs extra fibres as you gently move it over the fabric, keeping it looking like new.
  4. After the remover is approximately three-quarters full, take off the caps and discard any loose fibres to empty it.
  5. Because the fibre remover is gentle on garments, it can be used on any kind of fabric.
  6. To charge the lint remover, use the supplied charger.




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