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Fresh Food Vacuum Sealer With 10 Sealing Bags

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Say goodbye to produce going bad in cluttered, unorganized refrigerators and freezers! By using our vacuum sealer, you will also create extra space in your fridge. Easily identify different foods with the clear vacuum seal bags and save space by removing air for even more storage. Keep your food fresh longer with our food vacuum sealer! 

Our powerful food saver machine technology eliminates air from specially designed bags to prevent freezer burn and spoilage. Our food vacuum sealer  is great for storing individual portions or entire prepared meals.The food saver vacuum is a great all-in-one solution for all your food storage needs. By buying your food in bulk and properly storing it with our food sealer, you can save a substantial amount of money and also leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Three-step operation

1. Place food into the packing bag

2. Level off the bag and put it into vacuum position

3. One button to start vacuuming and sealing.

Food Vacuum Sealer Foodsaver Machine Food Saver Seal A Meal Packing


  • Turbine whirlwind technology: Increase suction power, decrease suction loss, small but strong, powerful suction, superb seal

  • External pumping function: Storage bag space-saving, vacuum jar convenient, wine cork stale -prevention.

  • One key to operate: Get rid of tedious keys ,simple to have vacuum operation

  • Strong Power: 80W high power.


Name: vacuum sealing machine

Power: 80w

Voltage: AC220-240W

Heating wire width: 1.5mm

Vacuum degree: -60kPa   Motor: vacuum pump

Sealing width: <29cm  Heating wire: Ni-Cr alloy

Outer material: ABS 

High temperature tape: Teflon


Package includes:

1 x Food Vacuum Sealer 

10pcs of food sealing bags

Food Vacuum Sealer Foodsaver Machine Food Saver Seal A Meal Packing
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Fresh Food Vacuum Sealer With 10 Sealing Bags
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