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EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 400W Solar Panel
EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 400W Solar Panel
EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 400W Solar Panel
EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 400W Solar Panel
EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 400W Solar Panel
EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 400W Solar Panel

EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 400W Solar Panel



  • The BEST home backup solution that protects your home from power outages at all times.
  • Generates up to 9.3kWh daily with 3 pieces of 400W Portable Solar Panel.
  • A 4500W AC output with X-Boost.
  • Up to 23% conversion guarantees a fast solar charging speed: 0-100% in 3.5 hours (3 sets), 5.5 hours (2 sets), and 11 hours (1 set).
  • IP68 dust and water resistance.
  • Smart remote control with EcoFlow app.
  • 5-year warranty for DELTA Pro and 12-month warranty for 400W Portable Solar Panel.

**DELTA Pro and 400W Portable Solar Panel will be shipped separately. Shipment services to Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii are temporarily suspended.



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Introducing the world's first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backup, outdoor recreations, professional production, smart energy management, lower energy bills, and more. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the next leap in portable power technology, offering you power security and independence, wherever you are.

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Power for any situation. 

From tailgate power to extreme blackouts that last for days on end, DELTA Pro delivers up to 25kWh of capacity. With that, you're covered for any situation. That's the industry gold standard.


All the AC output you’ll need. 

A single DELTA Pro unit packs a 3600W AC output, which can be expanded up to 4500W with X-Boost technology. Power 99.99% heavy-duty devices at home, outdoors, or at work. You can even pair two units together to achieve 7200W.


The world’s fastest charging portable power station. 

MultiCharge delivers record-breaking speeds at 6500W. To reach 6500W, you can opt for these charging methods.


A battery that lasts for years on end. 

DELTA Pro sports a brand-new LFP battery with 6500 cycles, which means you can use DELTA Pro for years and years before your unit reaches 50% of the original capacity. EcoFlow’s battery management system provides real-time analysis and regulation of voltage, current, and temperature. This unique protection mechanism makes DELTA Pro an incredibly safe and efficient home battery.


Wherever your adventures take you.

Simple, sustainable, and affordable whole-home backup power solutions with an output power of up to 7200W and a whopping 21.6kWh capacity for security and comfort. Easily chain together two DELTA Pros using the Double Voltage Hub and plug in to your breaker panel via a transfer switch. The solution provides a convenient home battery system without rewiring or running dangerous extension cables through your home.


Starter Kit; Advanced Kit; Smart Control Kit


A clean energy alternative. 

Replace noisy, smoky generators with a silent, fume-free, portable home battery. Unlike generators, batteries are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, running all your essentials during a blackout. And, with the help of solar energy, recharge during an extended outage. 


Power your entire home. 

With the Double Voltage Hub, DELTA Pro* provides unparalleled AC output of up to 7200W and 240V. Run 99% of all home appliances, even high-wattage clothes dryers and electric heaters, so you can keep your home running smoothly.*Double Voltage Hub requires two EcoFlow DELTA Pro units. 


7.2-25kWh expandable energy storage. 

With DELTA Pro's expandable capacity, experience peace of mind with up to 1 week of essential energy storage with Extra Batteries. Expand your ecosystem even further and harness sustainable energy with solar panels. Even if you're caught short, top up with our Dual Fuel Smart Generators.


Smart, uninterrupted home power. 

Take your home backup power to the next level and completely free yourself from the grid by seamlessly integrating DELTA Pro with your home circuits via the Smart Home Panel. With uninterrupted power and smart energy management using the EcoFlow app, lower your energy bills and carbon footprint from the palm of your hand.


Smart energy management. 

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem stores energy during the day, reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering your bills by combating peak energy rates. Integrate DELTA Pro with your home using the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, then use the EcoFlow app to break down your energy habits or customize your energy usage to fit your needs.


Save money on your electricity bills. 

Draw power from your DELTA Pro(s) to power your home during peak rate hours, lowering your bills and reducing pressure on the grid. Use low-cost or renewable energy during off-peak hours to recharge your DELTA Pro(s). 


Achieve power self-sufficiency. 

Reduce your reliance on the grid and prepare for blackouts. Opt for EcoFlow’s range of portable solar panels to store energy anytime or charge from your AC-coupled rooftop panels while the grid is online. No sun? No problem. Lean on the EcoFlow Smart Generator for power when you need it most.






Extra Battery

Support up to two DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery/Smart Generator

AC Output 

5 outlets, 3600W total (Surge 7200W) 

Max Device(s) Power Supported by X-Boost 


USB-A Output 

2 ports, 5V, 2.4A, 12W Max per port 

USB-A Fast Charge 

2 ports, 5V, 2.4A / 9V, 2A / 12V, 1.5A, 18W Max per port 

USB-C Output 

2 ports, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W Max per port

Car Power Output 

12.6V, 10A, 126W Max 

DC5521 Output 

2 ports, 12.6V, 3A, 38W Max per port 

Anderson Port 

12.6V, 30A 

AC Charging Input 

1800W Max, 120V~15A, 3000W Max, 240V~12.5A

Solar Charging Input 

1600W Max, 11-150V, 15A Max 

Car Charging Input 

Support 12V/24V battery, 8A

Battery Chemistry 


Cycle Life 

6,500 cycles to 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity 


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Net Weight 

Approx. 99lbs/45kg 


25*11.2*16.4 in/63.5*28.4*42cm 

*International version (2900W at 1.9 hrs) US version (1800W at 2.7 hrs/3000W at 1.8 hrs) Please use the AC Charging Cable included in the package for fast charging. Do not use other cables to charge. Plug directly into an AC wall outlet and make sure that the wall output current is more than 15A. Otherwise, reduce the unit charging speed with the AC Charge Speed Switch. EcoFlow takes no responsibilities for any consequences caused by failures to follow instructions, including but not limited to charging with other AC charging cables.